Bilingual Polygraph Services conducts testing of subjects involved in DUI or other drug offense cases. These types of testing include: instant offense tests used when the defendant denies being under the influence at the time of his or her arrest, and monitoring tests to determine whether the defendant has committed violations that include:

  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.
  • Continued use of abuse substances while on supervision.
  • Involvement in additional illegal drug activity (e.g., possessing, buying, selling).
  • Tampering with a urinalysis test.
  • Tampering with an interlock device or operating a vehicle without an interlock device.


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Libby Langford (DBA Bilingual Polygraph Services) is a polygraph examiner approved by the American Polygraph Association since 2005. In addition, she is an Immigration Credibility Assessment Registered Examiner (I-CARE Registry #0015).

Libby Langford

CEO & Owner