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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction devastates individuals, as well as their families, across the country. It is a problem that affects all socioeconomic levels and ethnicities.
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Immigration Cases

Every year, millions of people seek to become permanent residents or citizens of the United States. Not all these requests can be granted.

Criminal Cases

Bilingual Polygraph Services conducts testing of subjects involved in DUI or other drug offense cases. These types of testing include:
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Domestic Violence

Bilingual Polygraph Services conducts monitoring tests to determine whether the defendant has committed violations that include physical violence, terroristic threats, violation of protective order...
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Probation & Parole

The legal restrictions placed on the use of controlled drugs are aimed at preventing drug misuse. The principal offences are contained in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.


Polygraph tests are used extensively to address relationship issues. This is one subject area in which polygraph testing can have a deep and long-term impact: When trust is lost, a relationship can take years to recover.


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Libby Langford (DBA Bilingual Polygraph Services) is a polygraph examiner approved by the American Polygraph Association since 2005. In addition, she is an Immigration Credibility Assessment Registered Examiner (I-CARE Registry #0015).

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